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When I travel, I look for four things: scenery, history, interesting people and good food.  I found all these in this unique house near Biarritz, France. This summer my family and I went to Europe, the highlight of the trip was a 1920’s heritage house in south west of France, where you can rent rooms (or the entire house) for a few days. The house sits on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you can watch the sunset from the deck or from the windows if you are in the 3  bedrooms facing north.  This 1920’s house is not a traditional French nor Basque house, it was previously owned by a wealthy widow returning from Mexico, so it has many Latin American features, such as a courtyard, and sunflower patterned flooring mosaics.  These features blended perfectly with the 20’s art-deco style, that give this house many interesting parts to see. It is one of the few totally Art deco house in France with unique decorative features, which explains why it was recognized as a Heritage House by the French government. The house has two floors.  The first floor contains a vast reception area with living room, dining room, a TV room and a large patio that can be covered by an automatic glass ceiling when it is windy or raining; the second has six bedrooms, each of them is uniquely beautiful yet contains a feeling of home. Linens, blankets, and towels are carefully chosen, and are extremely comfortable.  The antique silver tray, red Chinese style carbonate, and the patterns that are on the wall paper – each small detail has a story to tell. The house also has an immense backyard with a panoramic ocean view, three small ponds, a squash wall and a beautiful rose garden.  So you can have a lot fun by just hanging around. This house is just steps away from the beach. Many nice restaurants are just down the hill and within a 5-minute walk.  If you like to walk a bit further, the town’s catholic church, Sunday market and the pier are all accessible in 10 minutes. The hosts, Bruno and his wife Valerie made our visit very pleasant. As the fourth generation living in town, Bruno has tons of history and stories to tell.  They are also a very good resource for restaurant advice, wine selection or shopping tips, especially when you are interested in trying out the local products. Thank you Bruno and Valerie for giving us such a memorable vacation!  

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